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Laminátové podlahy pro domácnost

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Abychom vám pomohli vybrat vhodnou podlahu, naši designéři pro vás vytvořili novou řadu laminátových podlah.Laminátové podlahy Tarkett věrně imitují dřevo té nejvyšší kvality a kamenné povrchy a také originální vzory.V nabídce je široká řada dekorů od přírodních vzorů po umělecké návrhy a velký výběr šířek a délek, který usnadňuje vytvářet nápadité designy přesně podle nejnovějších trendů a vašeho vkusu.

  • When looking for something different, Lamin’Art is the option.
    Original patterns from herringbone to old cement tiles reinterpretation which come in a range of calm beige, white, grey and blacks. Artistic designs for a signature look.

  • Classic and classy, oak remains an all time favorite.
    Woodstock has the reassuring sobriety of tradition. From processed to rustic, the wood displays its natural features in a subdued way. From ultra-classic honey browns to super stylish Flament greys and creative white and black, Woodstock comes in a premium construction with embossed-in-register finishes.

  • Up-cycled, recycled and distressed, Vintage floors play the nostalgic tune of passing time. Oak of course, but also pine and spruce with carefully selected finishes to enhance the wood’s characteristics and history.

  • A large choice of wood species with our core quality standards.
    From exotic species with their reddish woods, classic oaks in very natural shades of white, blond and grey, woods with grey and red tones and even fantasy decors. All the essentials of decoration are available in this collection.

  • The good old ranch style floor boards have taken a trendy twist. Their large dimensions lend a very natural look to the deco and at the same time they give perspective to the room they are laid in. The traditional pine with a vintage look has made room for the classic oak that will bring volume and modernity to a classic living room.

  • Natural materials and zen simplicity are the key words for the Nordic soul range which follows the Scandinavian style. Ash is a new trend and Oak is worked in soft and natural white and grey colours.